Learning new systems, programs, techniques and everything hyperloop and Badgerloop related in between

Building the best pod we can with what we have, whom we have, and the time we have

Learning from previous mistakes and building upon the successes of previous pods

Team Structure

Badgerloop is made up of more than 60 undergraduate, and graduate students. To keep our work on track and organized we are split into many sub-teams, under three main categories.

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We are a registered student organization with the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Our organizations goal is to design, build and test a pod to compete in the SpaceX student hyperloop competition.

Made up of a majority of undergraduate students, we put our efforts forth to this organization to better ourselves as well as to contribute to the development of a future mode of transportation we believe in.

All of our efforts are made possible by our generous donors, who we cannot thank enough.

Our Sponsors

Badgerloop relies on partnerships with generous sponsors to help meet the financial and material costs of building hyperloop pods.

We would love to partner with you for Competition IV!

Our Diamond Sponsors: